As we move towards summer, we've spotted several homeware trends that we believe are going to be huge and last for many seasons to come. From vibrant colours to sustainable materials, discover our favourite home decor trends for 2023. Sustainable and natural materials, along with the desire for imperfect, handmade homewares, are at the top of our list.

Bohemia Design Decorative Reed Basket Orange

Sustainable Homeware

Sustainability has been a driving force in many industries over the past few years, and creating sustainable homeware is no exception. People are increasingly looking for products that are made from natural, renewable, and non-toxic materials. Many consumers are aware of their impact on our planet now more than ever, and homeware companies are responding to this trend by adopting sustainable practices such as using natural and recycled materials, as well as sustainable production methods.
Our natural, eco-friendly baskets are traditionally handwoven in Morocco with palm leaf, reed, and sisal fibres, all of which are harvested locally and biodegrade back into the earth at the end of their lives.
Bohemia Design Walnut Wood Vase

Perfectly imperfect

Imperfect pieces are also gaining popularity in the homeware space. Many more people are looking for products with a unique and authentic feel. Handmade and artisanal items that feature imperfections and irregularities are particularly popular, with these items adding character and personality to a home, providing a break from the uniformity of mass-produced goods. 
Our hand carved Walnut Wood Tableware collection features pieces which are a perfect example of imperfect handcrafted objects, with each piece showing its own personality and idiosyncrasies.

Bohemia Design Hanging Baskets

Seventies Interiors

1970s interior design is back in a big way with the resurgence of retro-inspired homewares. This trend is all about embracing the bold colours, patterns, and textures of the '70s and incorporating them into modern interiors. Think earthy tones, textured rugs and interesting wall hangings. This trend will add a fun and playful vibe to any home, and we think that our boho Hanging Baskets, colourful Moroccan Leather Pouffes and retro inspired Walnut Wood Vases serve the perfect homage to this trend.

Bohemia Design Moroccan Wool Plate

Raspberry Pink

One of our favourite trends from spring 2023 is the rise of raspberry pink, a happy, fruity shade that is sure to brighten any space and get us in the mood for sunnier weather! Not only do we have raspberry pink woven through some of our classic Babouche Slippers, we also have a handful of one of a kind pieces in this wonderful hue. Our handwoven Wool Plates and Trivets are hand-dyed in vibrant colours with one-off patterns, making each piece incredibly special.

Bohemia Design Animal Heads

Dopamine Decor

Finally, one of our favourites, dopamine decor is a trend that is all about creating a happy and positive space in your home. This trend is characterised by bright and bold colours, uplifting decor and playful accessories. The idea behind this trend is to create a space that brings joy and happiness to your home, which we love! We think that our smile-inducing Woven Animal Heads are a perfect fit for this trend.