Whether you embrace the tradition of setting new year's resolutions or prefer a more gradual start to the year, January undeniably brings feelings of renewal and new beginnings.

Block printed notebooks on a wood tableButtermilk yellow notebooks on a table with ink pots

Taking time to reflect on the past year and plan for the one ahead can be a calming ritual to balance the long days of January and provide inspiration for the coming months.

Capturing your thoughts, aspirations, travel plans, or even doodles can be a powerful way to organise your ideas. Our cotton paper notebooks and journals, featuring traditional hand block printed covers, are a celebration of slow craft and sustainability. Inspired by our favourite botanical gardens and our love of flowers, these notebooks are handmade by a small, family run business in Jaipur. With a zero waste policy, they recycle their cotton textile waste to produce our tree-free notebooks.

Lilac and orange floral block print journals on a wooden deskSage green and blue block printed notebooks on a wooden desk with ink pots

Here are 5 creative ways we'll be using these beautifully tactile, handcrafted notebooks this month.

1. From Big Ideas to Daily Intentions

Our compact Garland notebooks, with plain sheets of cotton paper, are perfect for sketching out plans and ideas for the year ahead. Keep them handy in your bag or pocket for on the go note taking.

2. Taking Note of Favourite Recipes

Our large Floribunda notebooks are invaluable kitchen companions, ideal for meal planning and jotting down favourite recipes. Their generous size accommodates detailed notes and step-by-step instructions.

3. Travel Plans and Itineraries

Who doesn't love dreaming about beautiful sun filled destinations on grey January days. This year, we're researching sustainable travel options and documenting must-see places. Our notebooks double as excellent travel journals.

4. Sketching and doodles

Unruled and plain, our notebooks have a beautiful, tactile quality achieved through the ancient skill of making paper by hand. They provide an ideal surface for sketching, drawing, or experimenting with watercolors.

5. Elevating simple to-do lists

Transform mundane tasks, from shopping lists to everyday admin, into a delightful experience with our beautiful botanical notebooks. The floral, soft-bound covers make even the most routine lists a joy to write and complete.

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