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The craft of basket weaving has ancient roots, as old as the need for humans to store and transport food, seeds and clothes. Traces of basketry have been discovered in the pyramids of Egypt and illustrated in stone carvings as far back as 20,000 BC, even pre-dating the earliest evidence of pottery making.

Handwoven Baskets, a Sustainable Choice

We believe that baskets are as relevant today as they have ever been, and the perfect solution for those of us seeking to introduce natural elements into our homes and lives without resorting to the dreaded plastic options. Wicker baskets meet so many needs we find them indispensable in our day to day life, from home organisation to shopping bags, baskets make humble, quietly beautiful accessories.

Eco-Friendly Basketry

At Bohemia we have worked for many years with weavers across Morocco producing baskets in a multiplicity of designs for devoted customers around the globe. Our popular wicker baskets are woven in the coastal regions of Morocco where the reed fibres are locally and sustainably harvested. Reed is a perfect material for crafting wicker storage baskets, sturdy and durable the boxy shapes lend themselves to neatly shelving clothes, toys and crafting supplies. In the bedroom we use a wicker basket for tidying away hairdryers and hairbrushes while in the bathroom we are never short of a basket for storing everything from toiletries to toilet roll.

Reed in it's natural golden hue, or dyed in greens, blues, oranges and pinks to create a colour patterned weave, is widely used in Morocco for crafting everything from table mats, to flooring and baskets. Our wicker woven shopping baskets take a number of forms, some a simple tote style to other more decorative designs with leather handles.

Natural Fibre Basket Weaving: Coiling, Plaiting, and Twining

The beauty of baskets lies in the marrying of functionality with a purity that comes from the natural materials from which they are made. The age-old skills employed to weave baskets vary depending on the region in which they are crafted and the materials available to the artisans. The 3 key techniques of weaved baskets include coiling, plaiting and twining. A well made basket has a long life-span and we have baskets at home that have served us well over many years, but at the end of their life natural fibre baskets will compost back to the earth from which they came.

With gratitude to Mother Nature for gifting us the materials to create these wonderful, eco friendly vessels which enhance our lives with their quiet presence.

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