A day in the life, producing craft in Morocco

Earlier this year Jenny, Bohemia founder and creative director, travelled with her family to Marrakech visiting workshops and meeting with the artisans who expertly craft our wares.

Bohemia Design Family in Marrakech, MoroccoBohemia Design Family in Marrakech, Morocco(It's a family affair, travelling and working together in Morocco)

The design of our collections is a process which takes many forms and is often a collaborative venture. Over years of patient observation and a deep understanding of traditional crafting techniques, Jenny is convinced that the most beautiful and timeless designs emerge as a combination of the artisan’s wisdom and knowledge, alongside the designer’s eye for a modern aesthetic.

Bohemia Design Behind the Scenes Design Process, Phoebe SketchingBohemia Design Behind the Scenes Design Process, Jenny Sketching (Phoebe and Jenny collaborate on the illustrative designs for our floral baskets)

In celebration of their shared love of flowers, this spring Jenny worked together with her daughter Phoebe, a floral artist, to create a trio of botanically inspired baskets. Basing themselves in the studio of our weavers cooperative, they spent a day translating Phoebe's illustrations into embroidered designs in a palette of our favourite dusty hues.


Phoebe, Bohemia Design, Carrying her Embroidered BasketHand Embroidered Baskets, Bohemia Design, Posy, Daisy and Tulip (A Dahlia x Bohemia collaboration with the women artisans who skilfully embroider our floral designs)


We favour simplicity and functionality in our designs, choosing to produce collections in a spirit of environmental consciousness, and our baskets are the ultimate in sustainability. Handwoven from locally sourced natural plant fibres, we selected the practical market basket for the Posy and Daisy illustrations and a new bucket shaped palm leaf basket for the Tulip design.

Bohemia Design Family in MarrakechBohemia Design Family in Marrakech (A multi-generational adventure, Jenny's children and grandson in Marrakech)

Jenny's first trip to Morocco was as a young student, a hilarious and somewhat anarchic adventure, Hideous Kinky style. Since then Morocco has become a second home, with her children accompanying Jenny on work trips from a young age. Immersed in craft, the family have long standing relationships with many of Marrakech's most skilled artisans and relish the collaborative process that is possible as a result of the friendships forged.


Phoebe, Bohemia DesignPhoebe, Bohemia Design(Following in her mother's footsteps, Phoebe works hand in hand with our artisans while caring for her baby son)

It is only with knowledge of the resources available to the artisans; techniques, materials and tools, that new designs can be successfully created, and this has become a part of the DNA of our brand. Phoebe's years spent with her mother wandering the souks and sitting, watching makers in small workshops, help inform her design sensibility and will guide her as together we evolve the Bohemia range.

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