A Journey to Morocco's Valley of the Roses

A Journey to Morocco's Valley of the Roses

Arriving at dawn in the small Moroccan town of Kelaat M'Gouna we are greeted by the intoxicating scent of rosa damascena. May is the month of the Rose Festival here in the Dades Valley, when the town bursts into life with celebrations to mark the end of the annual rose harvest. Read more.
Colourful Reed Shopper Basket

Six Colourful Storage Baskets

These six vibrant wicker baskets are handwoven from natural reeds by artisans in the coastal regions of Morocco. With their unique, structural forms, not only are they great for keeping things organised at home, they double up as cheerful everyday totes for summer days.
Jarjeer | A Place of Hope

Jarjeer | A Place of Hope

Drive south of Marrakech along dusty roads for about half an hour and you’ll find a sanctuary for Morocco's working animals in which donkeys, mules, and horses are able to roam free and feast on alfalfa in their twilight years. Erika Hobart meets the couple spending their retirement in charge of one of Morocco's leading non-profit animal welfare organisations. Learn more.
Gardens of Delight

Gardens of Delight

On our most recent trip to Morocco, where we were working with our artisan partners to develop new designs, we took a day off to visit the Anima Gardens. A paradise for plant lovers, it's the creation of Austrian artist Andre Heller and is well worth a trip.
Small natural woven wicker baskets by Bohemia

The Humble Wicker Basket Bringing a Quiet Beauty to Interiors

We believe that wicker baskets are as relevant today as they have ever been, and perfect for those of us seeking to introduce natural elements into our homes and lives.
5 Slow Travel Essentials We Take On Every Trip

5 Slow Travel Essentials We Take On Every Trip

Whether chasing the sun or seeking calm in winter landscapes, here are some of our favourite travel accessories designed with sustainability in mind.
Block printing studio in India

The History of Block Print

Traditional block print artisans are keepers of knowledge going back hundreds of years and their ingenuity and artistic resilience are what keep the art alive. With growing awareness around the damaging environmental impact of fast fashion and synthetic textiles, the art of block print is inherently a practice in sustainability and slow craft. 
Block printed notebooks on a rustic desk in a bohemian home

5 creative ways to use our block print notebooks

Our zero waste notebooks, featuring floral hand block printed covers, are handmade by a small, family run business in Jaipur using recycled textile offcuts. Here are 5 creative ways we'll be using these beautifully tactile, handcrafted notebooks this month.
Tinmel Mosque in Morocco

Morocco Earthquake Crisis

It was with great shock I received a phone call late on Friday night from a good friend in Marrakech, 'we've had an earthquake!' Not until Saturday morning did news...
A Matter Of Design

A Matter Of Design

A day in the life producing craft in Morocco. Earlier this year Jenny, Bohemia founder and creative director, travelled with her family to Marrakech visiting workshops and meeting with the artisans who expertly craft our wares. Discover the process behind our new collection of hand embroidered market baskets.
Bohemia Design Hammam Towels

The best ways use our hammam towels

We love hammam towels for their versatility and practicality. From beach trips to picnics and wild swimming, they're lightweight, absorbent, and easy to clean. Read some of the best ways to use these incredible Turkish towels.
Photographer capturing Bohemia scarves on the beach

Chasing the Light

Sparkling seas and coastal headlands dotted with tussocks of sea thrift. This summer we headed to Cornwall for our seasonal campaign shoot in collaboration with photographer Katy Lawrence and organic florist Katie Vage of Wildrose Cornwall.