Behind the scenes in Cornwall for a carefree, bohemian summer, lifestyle campaign shoot

Sparkling seas and coastal headlands dotted with tussocks of sea thrift, evoke poignant memories of carefree childhood holidays.

This summer we headed to Cornwall for our seasonal campaign shoot in collaboration with photographer Katy Lawrence and organic florist Katie Vage of Wildrose Cornwall.

Bohemia Design Cornish Photoshoot Evening Light on the Coast, by Katy LawrenceBohemia Design Cornish Photoshoot Evening Light on the Coast, by Katy Lawrence(Golden hour on the Cornish coast, featuring our handwoven Market Baskets)

There is something magical about film photography and we think Katy’s dream-like images beautifully capture the languid mood of timeless summer days.

I'm always fascinated to learn how people discover their life path and was curious to hear both Katie and Katy's stories and how they became involved in the creative pursuits of floristry and photography. 

Previously a womenswear designer, Katie Vage switched careers during the pandemic to turn a pastime of growing flowers into a full blown business. Loving the whole process of seed to bloom; getting her hands in the soil and nurturing plants to the point they produce something to cut and use in beautiful displays, has seen Katie embark on a whole new journey. At home in Cornwall Katie has built a flower patch from scratch, and inspired by her love for art and fashion, followed her dream to grow flowers with a curated palette; beautiful, delicate and highly scented.

'I loved working with Katy on the Bohemia photoshoot'.

Katie Vage met Katy Lawrence a few years ago and they immediately bonded over a shared love of dresses, baskets and flowers. A dream team for a photoshoot where our lifelong long love for slow crafted, natural products marries so perfectly with the aesthetics of an organic florist and a photographer who shoots on film.

Bohemia Design Cornwall Photoshoot, Photographer Katy Lawrence Taking Photos Behind The ScenesBohemia Design Cornwall Photoshoot, Stylist Katie Vage Helping on the Shoot(Katy Lawrence and Katie Vage prepping behind the scenes)

A camera is Katy's constant companion, buying her first film camera at the age of 21 and spending the past 10 years learning how to use it. Slowly, over time, Katy has developed a personal style and a deep rooted love for photography. 

A passion Katy describes as, 'the unexpected joy of receiving back a roll of film which captured everything you wanted and more. I could go on and on but simply I love the way film looks, and the way it holds light, and the way it captures a moment and commits it to something physical. The idea that we as humans have created a technology that transmits an image onto a strip of celluloid is still complete and utter magic to me'. 

Bohemia Design Cornwall Photoshoot, Market basket in the Long Grass Styled with FlowersBohemia Design Cornwall Photoshoot, Beldi Basket Styled in Laundry Set-Up

(Bohemia Design handwoven Market Basket and Beldi Basket)

The tip of the Cornish coast is a constant source of inspiration, observing how the light changes with the seasons and the wildflowers come and go on the cliffs. Katy's enthusiasm for this landscape is beautifully conveyed through her photography, 'I love how the sea catches the light in the morning and evening, and makes the sea sparkle'.

Like many of us Katy also got into gardening during the lockdown and growing has become a new obsession. She is able to share this love with her friend Katie when they work together on shoots, and relishes the opportunity to select blooms from an entire field of beautiful flowers.

When we collaborate on lifestyle campaigns for Bohemia it is important for us to be able to give creative freedom to the photographers and stylists we work with, and it's an element which vibed with Katy's own approach.

Bohemia Design Cornwall Shoot Evening Light with Market basket in FlowersBohemia Design Cornwall Shoot Evening Light with Walnut Wood Vase Joni

(Evening light, featuring our handcrafted Market Baskets and walnut wood Joni Vase)

'It was so lovely to have the freedom to shoot as and when the light was looking beautiful. I could go out alone and shoot at 6am in the lightest of spring sun, and at 9pm with the sun setting down over the cliffs catching the last of the light over the sea'. 

Jenny x