100% Handmade
Your leather pouffe was made exclusively for Bohemia by highly skilled craftsmen in a small, family-run artisanal leather workshop in Marrakech, Morocco.

Traditionally, Moroccan pouffes were stuffed with camel hair, but in the absence of camels here in Edinburgh we have found perfectly suitable alternatives!

What materials to use?
You can fill your pouffe with a variety of materials depending on the kind of finish you wish to achieve. At Bohemia, we use shredded recycled cotton or natural coir (coconut fibres) which gives the pouffe a satisfying weight and density.

Recycled materials
Pouffes are versatile and can be filled with a range of materials, from polystyrene balls or plastic bags, to old clothing & fabrics. It is an eco-friendly way to use up recyclable materials from around your home.

For a soft and light beanbag-style finish use polystrene balls, foam chips, newspapers or plastic bags. For a firm finish use heavier materials like cotton, felt, or wool fibres; old bedding and towels work well. Materials will bed down over time and more filling can be added by the zip on the under side.

Alternatively, a local furniture upholsterer should also be able to sell you some suitable stuffing.

Step by Step | How To Stuff Your Pouffe
1. Choose your materials, make sure they are clean & dry.
2. Unzip the pouffe & open it out to its full shape.
3. Gradually fill around the edges so all the small spaces are fully stuffed (this prevents lumps and bumps).
4. Continue to stuff evenly, add a layer of material then push down firmly, and repeat until the pouffe is full.
5. Avoid over-filling your pouffe as this puts strain on the zip when closing.