A versatile home accessory, our handmade Moroccan Leather Pouffes can be used as extra seats, tables, or footstools. Made exclusively for Bohemia in a small artisanal leather workshop in Marrakech, our pouffes are full of character and offer a modern twist on traditional design.

What Materials To Fill Your Pouffe With

Pouffes are versatile and can be filled with a range of materials, from scrunched up newspaper or plastic bags, to old clothing and fabrics such as old bedding or towels. It is an eco-friendly way to use up recyclable materials from around your home.

If you are in the UK and order your Bohemia pouffe ready filled we will fill it with a layer of recycled wool felt and coir (coconut fibre). In Morocco pouffes were traditionally stuffed with camel hair and we find coir gives the same satisfying weight and density in the absence of camels here in Edinburgh!

Alternatively, a local furniture upholsterer should also be able to sell you some suitable stuffing.

How To Clean Your Pouffe

To care for your pouffe we recommend using a dry, or slightly damp cloth, to remove marks or spills. Keep use of water to a minimum and avoid soaps, polishes and cleaning products. If a cleaner is necessary choose one specifically designed for leather. Treated well leather ages beautifully and becomes more soft and supple over time.

Our oiled pouffes are incredibly popular and come in a natural tan or dark chocolate finish. The natural oil used to seal the hide and give the leather a sheen may transfer to other fabrics so we recommend placing your new pouffe on paper or cardboard until the oil has been fully absorbed into the leather.

How to fill your pouffe, a step by step guide

  1. Choose your materials (old bedding, textiles, foam chips, or stuffing from a local upholsterer) and make sure they are clean and dry.
  2. Unzip the pouffe and open it out to its full shape.
  3. Gradually fill around the edges so all the small spaces are fully stuffed to prevent lumps and bumps. Contine to stuff evenly, add a layer of material then push down firmly and repeat until the pouffe is full.
  4. Avoid over-filling your pouffe as it puts strain on the zip when closing.
  5. Materials will bed down over time and more can be added to plump up the shape again.

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