Care Guide | Block Print

Bohemia Block Printing

Artisan Made
We work in ethical partnership with a small community of artisans on the outskirts of Jaipur, in the desert state of Rajasthan, where the craft of hand block printing has been carried out since the early 16th century.

Print Design
Our designs are created in our Edinburgh studio, which are then
 delicately carved into solid blocks of wood. Lengths of natural cotton fabrics are repeat stamped with the block and dipped in dye baths of intense glorious colour. The swathes of printed cloth are hung in the gardens of the print block studio to dry in the hot Indian sun before being cut and sewn by a wonderful team of tailors.

100% Handmade
Due to the organic making process, minor marks from the dyes or inconsistencies in the colour may occur. As described by the Japanese ethos ʻwabi sabiʼ, imperfections like these are characteristics of the natural methods and only add to the beauty of our products.

How to Clean
Your block printed product should last you a lifetime. To keep it looking good we recommend washing on a cool machine wash, drying naturally and using a warm iron.