Bohemia Baskets are handwoven by skilled artisans using a variety of different natural fibres and age-old techniques specific to the region on Morocco they come from. With a little bit of care, your basket should last for many years and compost back to the earth at the end of it’s life, making it a sustainable choice.

Each basket is unique and is handwoven with skill and care, bearing the mark of it’s maker. If your basket is a bit wonky, it can be easily fixed following the steps below.

How To Re-shape Your Basket

  1. Dampen the palm leaf either with a spray bottle or wet cloth.
  2. Re-shape as necessary.
  3. Leave the basket to dry naturally away from direct heat such as radiators.

What Are Woven Baskets Used For?

Simple yet beautiful in design, the humble basket has a great many uses and an enduring appeal. A fabulous example of slow fashion, natural woven baskets make for great beach baskets, market baskets, tote shoppers and picnic baskets. At home, our hardwearing Moroccan Baskets offer beautiful storage options for firewood, childrenʼs toys, magazines, laundry and more.

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