Kasbah des Caids holds a special place in our hearts. This incredible 500-year-old earth building is of great historic and cultural significance, a remnant of the ancient trade routes from Timbuktu to the Atlantic Coast of Morocco. 

Our friend Hassan has inherited the job of preserving the Kasbah and it is a responsibility that weighs heavily at a time when tourism has ceased for more than a year and the income he relies on to fund the restoration of his ancestral home has been lost. It is not just about preserving architecture, but also assisting the wider community in this small, rural oasis of the Draa Valley and the villagers whose lives revolve around the Kasbah and the guests who visit.

A key structural wall of the Kasbah is now in a perilous state and urgently needs repair. This skilled work needs to be carried out by local men who have knowledge of ancient traditional earth building techniques. Hassan’s dream is to fully restore the Kasbah and preserve it for future generations as an educational centre and eco-museum. 

We want to help Hassan raise funds to make this possible and invite you to visit his Go Fund Me campaign, Help Hassan Restore Kasbah des Caids 


About Kasbah des Caids

Life in Tamnougalt where the Kasbah des Caids is situated has changed little over the centuries. Small family plots in the palm oasis satisfy most food requirements from vegetables to pulses and fruits, and traditional crafting activities such as basketry, rug weaving and henna tattooing are part of the fabric of daily life. 

If you ever have the opportunity to cross the Atlas Mountains and travel south towards the Saharan regions of the country, we highly recommend a stay at this majestic architectural wonder, literally a piece of living history.

Exterior of Kasbah des Caids 

Inside Kasbah des Caids 

Weaving workshops with local artisans are held regularly at the Kasbah

Guests can enjoy henna tattooing from the local community

 Any support you can provide to Help Hassan Restore Kasbah des Caids is very much appreciated. 

Images @coreylynntucker and @bohemiantravellers