Creating Bohemia’s Leather Mules

Behind every product we make lies a story; a tale of the people we meet, the evolution of an idea from paper to physical reality, and the magic of the hands that bring our designs to life. A delicious kind of alchemy arises when we come together to create; a mind full of ideas, an abundance of natural materials and generations of crafting know-how combine to make real what was once ethereal. 

The fantastical process of collaboration has been more evident than ever over the past year of lockdowns and travel restrictions. At Bohemia we have been able to keep working with the artisans of Morocco thanks to deep friendships and connections forged over many years to create a brand new collection, Bohemia Leather Mules

Our latest venture has seen us partnering with Abdel and his team of leathersmiths to handcraft our first collection of leather shoes. It is thanks to Nicole Belli, who meticulously supervised the project on the ground in Marrakech, and to Houssain Belabbes and Ali Ait Karroum, who expertly documented the process through film and photography, that we can bring these leather mules to you and share the visual story behind their making. 

Photography and filmography Houssain Belabbes (@ussain.belabbes) and Ali Ait Karroum (@the__alii)