Earth House Project Morocco

The House of the Rising Sun is Bohemia Design founder Jennyʼs largest project to date, and a long held dream. She is about to embark on a wild new adventure to transform a 2 hectare wheat field into an eco-build artistʼs community.

Only 40 minutes drive from Marrakech the site is a peaceful rural idyll set amidst olive groves with views to the local hilltop village of Akrich and the Atlas Mountains beyond. Working with Moroccan based Italian architects, Trab Design, who specialise in natural earth buildings, Jenny has conceived a plan which incorporates artisan workshops, creative studio space, boutique store, guest accommodation and a family home.

The vision has evolved from Jenny's  experience of working in Morocco for over 20 years. She recognises that the lowly status of artisans means their living and working conditions and level of income can make life a daily struggle. The House of the Rising Sun, with its purpose built workshops and living accommodation, is designed to elevate the value of these age-old traditional crafts and show a respect for the highly skilled makers that is justly deserved.

Itʼs an ambitious project and requires starting completely from scratch with digging a well to source water and installing solar panels to provide power. The land is to be planted according to permaculture principles with a view to being as self-sufficient as possible in the growing of herbs, fruit and vegetables. The space will provide a welcome home from home for seekers of a slower pace of life, a community built around art in all its forms nestled amongst the lush abundance of the Moroccan countryside.

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