For the last year we have been working hard to renovate a fondouk in Marrakech and we are excited to announce the project is now complete.

Renovating a traditional Moroccan fondouk

A fondouk is a traditional building originally used as a rest stop for travelling merchants and caravanserai. Situated in a buzzing area of the medina, known locally as the fashion district of Marrakech due to the number of small ateliers and design stores popping up, the finished space has been transformed into a showroom, design studio and headquarters for ethical tour company Magic Bus Morocco.

The fondouk has a sunny roof terrace with views to the Mosque of Ben Youssef and distant snow capped Atlas Mountains, and in the ground floor courtyard a chalky pink tiled wall and rooms filled with luxe Moroccan textiles, one of a kind pottery, a jungle of plants, and intriguing handmade treasures collected by Bohemia founder Jenny Lockton on her travels across the country.

Renovating the fondouk

This inspirational space is available for photoshoots. For more information email us at