"It was 25 years ago at the end of a long day immersed in the souks of Marrakech that I first met Hamid. A tiny shop at the far end of a narrow lane, it was filled floor to ceiling with the finest babouche I had seen. Hamid speaks no English and my Arabic is very limited so we conversed in my comical French before he led me through the maze of streets to his workshop in an ancient fondouk. This was the beginning of my journey collaborating with artisans in Morocco." - Jenny, Bohemia founder.

Soft leather being cut for babouche slippersHow babouche slippers are made by hand

What are babouche slippers

Moroccan babouche slippers are an iconic feature of Moroccan culture and have been an important element of the traditional dress code for centuries. And like the very best of inventions, the babouche slipper is as popular and relevant today as it has always been.

The continued popularity of the babouche is hardly a surprise as they offer the wearer the ultimate in comfort and style. The round toed, soft sole slippers make the perfect indoor house slipper and the pointed babouche with firm leather soles, make a practical slip on shoe for outdoor wear in a hot, dry climate.

How babouche slippers are made

Firstly the finest leathers are sourced from the traditional tanneries in Marrakech where the leather is organically tanned using the same methods and natural agents as across the preceding centuries. This results in a natural material which will have a distinctive scent no longer found in factory cured leathers.

Traditionally babouche are made from sheepskin, goatskin, camel hide and cowhide to produce a 100% real leather slipper, or combined with a wide range of fabric uppers which maybe hand loomed, embroidered, sequinned, tasseled and bejewelled to create a more elaborate shoe.

Hand dying leather for babouche slippers using natural dyesPots of natural dyes in a babouche slipper workshop

Each piece of leather is cut to shape before dying by hand to our bespoke Bohemia colour palette using natural plant based materials. Once the dyed leathers have dried in the hot Moroccan sun they are hand stitched, finished and quality checked. It sounds easy, but Jenny has spent many hours sitting in the company of the artisans while they handcraft each pair of babouche, and states that the patience and skill required is quite breathtaking to observe.

Babouche slippers being stitched by handArtisan leather workshop in Morocco

The majority of the process is carried out by men in small workshops but the fine decorative detail is crafted by women who work in their own homes while also being free to care for their children and families. The women are responsible for the embroidery and sequin crafting on the round toe babouche and also the fine cutwork patterns on the pointed toe babouche.

Celebrating Moroccan Craftmanship

Bohemia is dedicated to offering authentic Moroccan babouche slippers for men and women, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. In Marrakech we have established our own workshops and by creating long term partnerships with local craftspeople, we ensure the preservation of tradition while providing sustainable employment.

As we innovate with new designs, we honour the rich heritage of babouche, combining tradition with modern design for our customers. Join us in celebrating Moroccan craftsmanship with each pair of babouche slippers we make.

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