For so many of us, working from home has become the new normal. Making the switch to this new way of working isn’t easy and it can feel isolating, no matter how many zoom meetings you have scheduled.  Jenna, our brand manager, made the switch to homeworking a year ago and has a few tips to share.

Tips on how to work from home

1. Create a space that’s dedicated to work. Whether that’s a corner of your living room or a desk in a spare room it’s important to separate work from home. Having a dedicated working space, no matter how small, will help you focus and also help you switch off at the end of the day.

2. Lighting is important. A well lit space will help with motivation and focus. Lots of natural light helps boost your mood. If working near a window is not possible, make sure you have a soft but bright light in the room.

3. Take regular short breaks to stretch and move. Planning healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up helps you avoid munching through a whole pack of biscuits! Make sure to plan your day around a daily walk or exercise to get some well needed fresh air and a break from your screen.

4. Once you’ve carved out a little nook, keep it free from clutter and spend time making it a space you actually want to work in. Add a colourful photo frame, wall art or a light reflecting mirror. Leafy houseplants in colourful planters or hanging baskets can help boost your mood and storage trays are a great way to keep your desk organised.

5. Keep to a daily routine. Working from home means the temptation for staying in pj's all day is definitely there. However creating a morning routine and getting dressed can help break up the day and get you in the mood to work. Saying that a pair of comfy slippers are a must!