Here at Bohemia Design - our role is to act as a bridge between traditional crafting communities and an audience who value authentic goods, sustainably produced and lovingly made.

Designed in Edinburgh by our founder, we work together with skilled artisans in Morocco to create beautiful pieces, each with unique colours and markings which accentuate their handmade nature. Together with our skilled artisan friends, Bohemia Design creates a fusion between age-old tradition and modernity.
Bohemia Design Moroccan Made Moodboard

We believe in handmade; perfectly imperfect wares crafted slowly from natural materials that are locally sourced. Goods made by hand bear the character of their creator, the nuances and eccentricities integral to each piece. Craft provides a connection to the object, and observing the unique markings that are made from centuries old techniques has increasing value in our fast-paced world.

Bohemia Design Moroccan Made Edit

Our flagship Moroccan made product is our iconic Babouche Slipper, the very first product that we made in collaboration with the artians of Marrakech. The babouche slipper has been an integral element of the Moroccan traditional dress code for centuries. We made our first pair after a chance encounter in the Souks of Medina, where we met skilled craftsman and longtime friend of Bohemia, Hamid. Every pair of our classic babouche slippers are made by hand in Hamid’s small family run atelier, from the cutting and dyeing of leathers to the final stitching. 

Bohemia Design Chalk Babouche 

Our handwoven baskets, our Moroccan Pouffes and our walnut wood products are all also handcrafted in Morocco by artisan communities. 

We believe in fair trade, we treat everybody we meet as we would expect to be treated ourselves and our relationships are built on trust, respect, equality and friendship. As a company our aim is to elevate the status of artisanal craft and those who produce it. In Marrakech we have established our own workshops to improve the living and working conditions of our partners.

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Top left: Decorative Reed Basket, From £30. Middle left: Walnut Wood Tagine Spice Pot, £24. Bottom Left: Moroccan Basic Babouche Slippers Ochre, £28. Top right: Walnut Wood Honey Dipper Set, £38. Bottom rightPalm Leaf Vase, From £20.