We are so grateful to you, our dear customers, for your ongoing support as this enables us in turn to keep our artisan partners busy handcrafting our orders. It's been difficult working at such a distance from our artisans as we normally collaborate in a very hands on fashion but it really means the world to us that we have somehow been able to navigate our way through this crisis together.

The situation for those in Morocco who work in the travel sector and depend on tourism for their livelihoods is getting really desperate. As well as continuing to send regular payments to our own artisans we have made a donation to the Marrakech Artisan Fund a fundraiser on behalf of artisans in Marrakech who are in immediate need of financial and food assistance. The organisers of this fundraiser include the non-profit Amal Women's Training Centre, and you can see the impact of their last fundraiser in this short video:

Donate to The Covid-19 Relief for Marrakech Artisans

At this critical time when travel is not a possibility the focus has to be the artisan partnerships we have forged over many years and our collaborations with the skilled craftsmen and women who weave, stitch and carve our wares.

The situation in Morocco is becoming more challenging by the day, and although a drop in the ocean of need, the money from our orders has a ripple out effect helping to support the extended families and communities of the artisans we work with.

We’ve always held to the principle of trade rather than aid as a way to empower people to take control of their own destiny, but at this time of crisis when Morocco has no tourism and people are in desperate need, both approaches will be necessary

We are staying focussed on our mission to offer ethical and sustainable contemporary craft for you and for your homes. Now more than ever we understand the need to slow down and appreciate the quiet, everyday moments of our lives. If this more mindful awareness extends to the products we buy and the small businesses we support it will be an important step towards making our world a little more equitable.

From all of our team here in Edinburgh and our wonderful artisan partners around the world we thank you again for your support and encouragement.

Much love,
Jenny x

Support The Covid-19 Relief for Marrakech Artisans here.