Magic Bus Morocco Ethical Tours

Jenny launched Magic Bus Morocco earlier this year in collaboration with Mohamed Elaamrani, a Moroccan guide with over a decade of experience.

Magic Bus Morocco was created to fill a gap in the market for sustainable, ethical tours of Morocco, where local partners have an equal share in the business and travellers are introduced to artisans in their own homes and villages so that all the benefits from their purchases are received directly by the makers.

The trips offer a unique and immersive cultural experience for small groups of visitors who are interested in the beautiful, complex and multi-layered country of Morocco. The itineraries are designed to provide the participants a chance to meet and make with artisans who continue the skilled crafting traditions passed down through the generations, and to discover some of Morocco’s most hidden gems.

Magic Bus Morocco

Jenny has been visiting and working in Morocco for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge and deep love for the country and its people. In her view it is the people of Morocco that make exploring the country such a magical experience. The warmth of welcome is legendary and for those with very little, to share what they have, is both humbling and life affirming. It is with a profound awareness of the economic challenges facing much of the population that sound ethical principles are core to Magic Bus Morocco.

The hunger for travellers to connect with local communities at a deeper level has been evidenced in the 3 hugely successful sell out tours run by the company in the spring of 2019. Ethical tourism offers the possibility of meaningful and positive impact on the lives of those encountered on the journey, and in return, encourage visitors to reflect on the privileges and freedoms they so easily take for granted.

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