Pom Pom Blankets & Cushions

Our vibrant collection of Pom Pom Blankets & Cushions add a bohemian flavour with bold prints, colour combinations and embellished trims. Our block print boho cushions are handmade in India and Morocco using this traditional techniques, the prints are designed in the Bohemia studio, then brought to life in Jaipur by our master printers. Adorned with pom pom trims, these contemporary cushions add a pop of colour to beds, sofas and armchairs. Also included in our home textiles collection, our fluffy Moroccan Pom Pom Blankets. Handwoven on traditional wooden looms in the medina of Marrakech and made from 100% wool or 100% cotton, they make fabulous bed covers or throws for sofas and chairs. The natural wool yarn is dyed to our bespoke colour palette by the traditional dyers of Marrakech and is woven into blankets decorated with oversize pom poms in a wonderfully eccentric bohemian style. The Pom Pom Blanket is an authentic Berber design given a contemporary twist with our instantly recognisable Bohemia pop of colour, free gift wrapping and shipping available at checkout.