Walnut Wood Dried Flower Vase


Olive Wood Board and Bowl Set


Walnut Wood Mini Spice Bowl Set


Walnut Wood Honey Dipper Set


Palm Leaf Woven Plates


Moroccan Oversized Woven Plate


Moroccan Natural Pots


Moroccan Wool Tassel Plate, No.60


Moroccan Wool Tassel Plate, No.55


Moroccan Wool Tassel Plate, No.59

Our natural kitchenware is handcrafted by artisans in Morocco and India. Our popular wooden kitchen utensils are hand carved from olive and walnut wood with a rich and beautiful grain. Wooden spice bowl sets, pestle and mortars, honey dippers and small wooden spoons make excellent gifts for foodies. Our Moroccan wool plates and Indian enamelware add vibrant colour and individual style.