Moroccan Leather Pouffe, Chestnut


Moroccan Mens Babouche Slippers, Terracotta


Moroccan Berber Babouche Slippers, Terracotta


Moroccan Mens Pointed Babouche Slippers, Chocolate


Moroccan Babouche Basic Slippers, Terracotta


Moroccan Leather Plain Drum Pouffe, Chocolate


Moroccan Mens Pointed Babouche Slippers, Terracotta


Raffia Storage Pots, Tobacco


Raffia Tassel Storage Pots, Tobacco


Mudcloth Cushions, Tobacco Dot


Moroccan Boujad Pointed Babouche Slippers, Brown Check


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A natural tone we always come back to is Terracotta. Many of our products come in this rich earthy tone that reminds us of the artisan potters we’ve met on our journeys across Morocco.