Pom Pom Basic Keyrings, Hot Pink


Pom Pom Basic Keyrings, Pale Pink


Pom Pom Mirror Keyrings, Pink


Pom Pom Mirror Keyrings, Pale Pink


Super Pom Pom Mirror Keyrings, Mini


Diamond Ikat Scarves, Fuchsia

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Duara Earrings


Amani Earrings


Sera Earrings


Ngare Earrings


Lapa Necklace


Melako Earrings


Melako Necklace


Embroidered Scarf, Desert Rose


Naapu Necklace

A collection of bohemian accessories all handmade by artisans around the globe. From hand block printed wash bags to zip purses, our extensive selection of colourful cosmetics bags are great for globe trotters and make up enthusiasts. Our handwoven oversized Embroidered Scarves also double up as a beach towel, sarong or head wrap.