A small business journey is never linear, one thing can lead to another and provide new opportunities and challenges. The constantly changing economic landscape and the move to online shopping has also shaped Bohemia and influenced how we currently work.

Bohemia Founder, Jenny Lockton shares her journey and talks about how Bohemia has evolved over the years and her exciting plans for the future;

"Time for me is a very elastic experience, it has a habit of expanding and contracting. One moment my life 15 years ago might feel light years away and the next seem like yesterday. Business has been a fascinating part of this journey, taking me across the world and sharing experiences of many different cultures and people.

Bohemia Design Shop in Edinburgh

My self employed story began in Edinburgh in the 1980's with a picture framing business called the Blackadder Gallery in Inverleith Row followed by a gallery in Stockbridge under the same name. After many years in retail and shops in Broughton Street, Dundas Street, Morningside and Marchmont my current business, Bohemia, moved entirely online.

My work with artisans in Morocco has become the main focus and we now retail and wholesale beautiful handmade wares to customers across the globe. It is certainly challenging work but the rewards are huge in terms of personal growth and human understanding. I am frequently humbled by the warmth and hospitality of people I meet who in material terms have very little but who have the biggest hearts.

Our Small Business Story - working in Morocco with local artisans

My many years of experience in Morocco recently led me to start a new business offering tours to travellers with an interest in artisanal crafts and exploring the lesser known parts of the country. It is such a privilege to share these journeys with adventurous souls who are experiencing Morocco for the first time. 


Of course I still make mistakes in business and I'm always learning, but the older I get the more excited I become to pack as much into my life as I can and allow my instinct to be my wisest guide."