One of the trends we've been following this month is for natural interiors with warm earthy neutrals and a pared back style. Think handcrafted products using natural and sustainable materials such as wood, canvas, palm leaf and halfah grass. 

See our edit some of our favourite natural homeware below.

Interior Trends 2019 | Natural Home


The Story

Moroccan Wool and Reed Plates


Woven Animal Head, Gazelle


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We Love

White Mudcloth Cushions


Cross Baskets

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Triangle Mudcloth Cushions


Walnut Wood Pestle and Mortar


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Moroccan Leather Plain Drum Pouffe, Light Tan

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Long Hanging Baskets


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Woven Animal Head, Goat


Walnut Wood Plates, Set of 3


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Moroccan Classic Pointed Babouche Slippers, Nude


Hanging Beldi Baskets


Beldi Leather Baskets, Tan


Halfah Grass Basket


Moroccan Oversized Woven Plate