The Timeless Creativity of Artisanal Craftsmanship

While artisanal homewares have gained popularity as a trend for 2023, our love for craftsmanship and belief in it's value is the core principle of Bohemia Design. We recognise that true craftsmanship holds a timeless quality that goes beyond fleeting trends. It is an expression of culture, aesthetics, age-old skills and an intimate connection with nature. By embracing artisanal techniques we celebrate an enduring beauty that can transform any living space into a haven of warmth and authenticity.


Bohemia Design Artisan Baskets MoroccoBohemia Design Baskets in Production (Baskets in production, Morocco)

Woven Animal Heads | Capturing Character

A striking fusion of craftsmanship and nature, our woven animal heads are handmade from locally sourced grasses. Talented artisans employ traditional weaving techniques to bring these familiar creatures to life. The texture of the halfa grass used in the weaving, and an artist's eye for detail, convey the individual personalities of each animal. Our buffalo, gazelle, donkey, stag and goat effortlessly become a captivating focal point, blending harmoniously with a variety of interior styles while infusing interior spaces with a touch of the wild outdoors.


Bohemia Design Woven Animal HeadsBohemia Design Artisanal Weaving(Handwoven animal heads and the weaving of halfa grass)

Hand-Stitched Leather Poufs | Luxurious Comfort in Every Stitch

An icon of traditional Moroccan craft, the leather pouf has been featured in design magazines the world over for decades. The popularity of this design classic shows no sign of waning and is testament to the enduring appeal of Moroccan style and interior decor. The epitome of Moroccan leatherwork, our poufs are crafted entirely by hand, from the curing of the leather in the tanneries of Marrakech to the hand stitching of each individual panel. Intricate patterns are meticulously embroidered on the top surface using motifs familiar in many Moroccan crafts, from zellige tiles to handwoven rugs and traditional tattoos. The leathers become ever more supple over time and the charm of Moroccan poufs make them a much-loved home accessory. Whether used as additional seating, handy footstool, side table or stylish accent piece, Moroccan poufs offer an affordable luxury while celebrating the traditional techniques of these master artisans.


Bohemia Design Leather PouffesBohemia Design Pouffes in the Making (Handcrafted leather poufs

Handwoven Baskets | Weaving Stories 

Basketry is one of the oldest crafts known to man. A technique devised for weaving natural fibres into vessels used for carrying and storage. As as a species, humankind has always valued objects of beauty, and even the humble basket is crafted in forms which are pleasing to the eye as well as being functionally indispensable. As awareness of our environmental impact grows and we strive to make our homes more eco-friendly, baskets offer a natural solution in place of plastics and other man-made materials. Our baskets are handwoven in Morocco from sustainably sourced fibres, reed baskets from the coastal areas and palm leaf baskets from the north and Marrakech region. Beyond their aesthetic appeal baskets serve as versatile storage solutions in the kitchen or bathroom, make excellent laundry baskets and add a decorative accent for those embracing the move to a more nature based home. A point worth noting, natural fibre baskets are fully compostable at the end of their lives!


Bohemia Design Reed Storage Baskets Set of 3Bohemia Design Basket Making (Reed Storage Baskets, photographed by Carole Poirot. Even the handles are entirely handcrafted)

Handcrafted Wood | Grain and Knot

Wood is a wonderful material to introduce into our homes, the organic texture of the grain making each object as individual as a human fingerprint. The very nature of wood and it's hardwearing quality means that an investment in handcrafted wood pieces will give a lifetime of pleasure. The wood we use to make our collections at Bohemia Design comes from trees which have reached the end of their productive lives and we believe is the perfect way to honour their raw beauty. Designing household objects which are hand carved or turned on a lathe by our artisan partners in Morocco we are able to give a second life to the walnut, olive and lemon trees which are a familiar site across the country. Our shapes work in harmony with the flow of the grain, with small bud vases, curvaceous candlesticks and incense holders polished with beeswax to bring out the warmth of the natural wood tones. Get creative with your tablescapes and pair wooden spice bowls, hand carved wood spoons, plates and serving platters with a linen tablecloth and bounteous bunches of dried flowers, light a few candles and relax.


Bohemia Design Walnut Wood TablewareBohemia Design Wood Turning (Walnut wood tableware, skilfully hand turned on a traditional lathe)

Preserving Heritage | Empowering Artisans

Our commitment to artisanal craftsmanship extends beyond the desirability of the products we make. By supporting Bohemia Design you actively contribute to the preservation of ancient traditions and the empowerment of artisan communities. It is our passion to nurture sustainable livelihoods for the remarkable craftsmen and women we partner with, helping to ensure their skills and heritage continue to thrive.